About Ruby's Auto Sales

Hi!  My name is Deborah Agema and I own and work at what I think is the best used car lot in the Battleford's - RUBY'S AUTO SALES.  It is a business that was named in 1987 after our daughter when she was three, and has remained in the same location ever since.  We had no idea that naming a business after a child would become so problematic in that people would call anyone who worked there Ruby.  Phone calls would come in and it was a guessing game as she got to be a teenager, whether the call was business or they wanted to speak to the real Ruby.  To this day I still answer to the name Ruby.

The sales of vehicles started out small with just five, but that rapidly expanded into cars, trucks, vans and suv's being parked everywhere, front and back.  After the second year the back lot of Robinson Diesel was rented for further space.  After a couple more years that building was purchased and the Detail and Mechanical Garage was born.  In fairness to our other child, we nicknamed it Searle's Shop.  With every square inch being utilized, we were up to approximately 60 vehicles for sale.  In 2010 that building was sold to Milan's Professional Cleaning Service

In the early 90's, we ventured into a new dealership with the sale of Lada cars, trucks and suv's.  This continued until Lada stopped importing into Canada.

lada sign at rubys auto sales north battleford

In 1999, I took over sole ownership of the business and have enjoyed the continued success of the company.  We have a large trading area and many repeat customers.  We haven't done a lot of advertising so we can pass the savings on to our customers.  Ruby's provides a good selections of used cars, vans, suv's, and trucks 4x4 and two wheel drives,  Gas savers, work vehicles, budget cars and luxury cars are all here.  We carry a wide selection of prices, makes and models.  People are welcome to come in person to look at our selection and the friendly staff employ a low key approach to selling.  YOU make sure the vehicle is the right one for you.  We sell all brands and NO commissions ensure that the vehicle you choose is the one you want and not the one with a higher profit for a salesperson.

We are currently the longest running used auto dealership in the Battleford's, and continue to look forward to serving all our past, present and future customers.